Pretties by Scott Westerfeld (Uglies #2)

18 Nov

I read one or two reviews of this book that weren’t too great. There seems to be a bit of disappointment in some fans for turns this book took but I don’t think I agree with them. Sure it may not have had the same amount of thrills as the first book but second books in a series very rarely do. The part I liked the most is the fact that the author changed it up a bit and kept us readers on our toes.

Although in the first instalment you obviously rooted for Tally to get away from the city and live happily ever after with David in the wild, there was always a teeny tiny part of me that wanted to see what being ‘pretty’ would do to Tally. I wanted to live in that world for awhile and see how it worked. I wanted to see how other Pretties lived and were they all as brain dead as they appeared. They aren’t, it turns out.

In the beginning Tally is what seems to be your typical new Pretty. A vapid, vain and seemingly quite stupid person. However as the book progresses we see snippets of the real Tally start to come out and I was also pleasantly surprised at how much most of the Pretties actually retain of their own personality. They may have their moments of extreme stupidity and vanity but they are just that, moments.

I usually absolutely detest the introduction of “love triangles” especially in young adult books because of the absolute ridiculousness of the situation but somehow the author did make this one work better than most. I liked Zane first of all. He seemed genuine and nice even though he had his Pretty moments too. Maybe because it’s been awhile since I read the first book but I was definitely rooting for Zane and not David which is unusual for me because I’m a typical underdog-lover. However if they bring in this Andrew as some kind of “love square” I will protest. Love triangles are enough.

Thoroughly enjoyed this and will be coming back for more as soon as I have time!


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