Dare Me by Megan Abbott

23 Nov

So I detested Abbotts other book that I’ve read and even though this had similar elements it was definitely a lot more exciting. It made the annoying parts more tolerable because you at least still wanted to know where the book was headed.

Basically it centers around a group of cheerleaders who get a new coach who at first is quite introverted and quiet but slowly starts to let some of the girls in. Addy, our protagonist, craves the Coachs attention more than any of the other girls and seems to be willing to go to great lengths to get it. Coach knows how to play the young girls and does so in quite a scary manner.

There was problems with this book because I refuse to believe that young teenage girls can be quite that vindictive and evil and that a woman in a position of authority could so easily abuse it. Okay I’m not stupid, I know teenage girls can be mean (trust me I have first hand knowledge of this) but the lengths of their evilness in this book is surely unrealistic. Right? Right??

And yes I know people in authority can abuse their position but again the lengths that this woman goes to is also surely unrealistic. Who thinks ringing a 16 year old girl to help you cover up a crime is a good idea? I’m pretty sure nobody.

I also don’t love the authors writing style. It’s stunted and dreamlike as if the protagonist is always having incoherent thoughts almost. She writes as most people think and it’s a bit strange. I’m not sure if I actually hate it but it definitely doesn’t immediately appeal. However I do feel that’s it’s something I could grow to love in time.

Not as bad as her previous novel but I don’t love her yet.


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