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Panic by Jeff Abott

There is such a thing as too many good reviews. I mean the front and back of this book is covered in other authors shining compliments about Abott as an author and it seemed that this book could literally do no wrong. The best book EVER!


So so wrong…

It’s not like it was terrible but it just didn’t live up to the phenomenal reviews and comments plastered all over the front and back covers. Or maybe I had just heightened my expectations too much and it was never going to live up to them. Whichever, the result is the same. Disappointment.

In fairness to the author it was very fast paced and exciting most of the time and the characters were likeable enough but it wasn’t unputdownable as stated on the back cover, nor was it ‘edge of the seat brilliance’. I struggled through a good portion of it as a lot of the storyline was unnecessarily convoluted and ridiculously complicated for what is essentially at the end of the day a thriller.

Evan is a documentary film maker who gets caught up in a whirlwind situation after his mother is killed by a man called Jargo who works for the CIA but not really as he’s kind of a double agent who was raised by the KGB to be a trained killer and spy but then ventured out on his own, killed his boss who was also a double agent (or was he?) and now is chasing Evan as he thinks Evan has some sort of client list belonging to him. Do you see what I mean by the plot line being slightly confusing?

Oh and of course lets not forget Carrie who is Evans girlfriend who turns out to be working for Jargo but then turns out to be working for the CIA. But are the CIA truly the good guys or can Jargo be trusted? It’s fairly bloody obvious to me that Jargos an evil monster but the characters all seem to struggle with this conclusion for some unknown reason.

I’m glad I’ve finally read this book as it’s been sitting in my to read pile for possibly the longest of any book I’ve ever had. I wonder why?


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Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

I find myself doing something a little strange when getting books out from the library lately. Instead of fumbling blindly around trying to find something in the genre that I usually like while also attempting to watch my tazmanian devil of a son, I am heading straight to the A shelf and simply working my way through it. A little OCD? Maybe but it sure makes my trip to the library a lot less stressful.

Anyway because of this I find myself reading books I wouldn’t have chosen in a million years to read normally and you know what? It’s the best fun I’ve had in awhile. It’s challenging and different and ultimately very refreshing.

This book, for instance, is about a gay love affair between a young seventeen year old boy and twenty four year old professor who comes to stay at his house for a summer. Not my usual reading material I will admit but guess what? It wasn’t half bad.

It could quite possibly have been because it was so different that I enjoyed it. The infatuation that Elio felt for Oliver was so all-consuming it was fascinating. He thought about him constantly but somehow still managed to retain his dignity and never came across as desperate or needy. The surroundings of a scenic Italian town was so romantic and atmospheric it made the whole experience more believable and real.

Sure the book had its flaws, at times I almost gave up as it seemed the author could be so long winded. The sole focus of the book is the relationship between Elio and Oliver and there are no subplots or underlying stories to be found. There are other characters of course but none that we even get half as acquainted with as we do with the main couple. This is tough going at times as there is no break from the extreme fascination and lust that Elio feels for Oliver. However I feel now that it all just added to the intensity of their relationship. They focus on no one and nothing but their feelings for each other.

It was a strange read, I’m not sure I would read anything from this author again but it was different and that’s a good thing in itself. I enjoyed the intensity of the couples relationship but not how drawn out it was. Interesting.


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Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

Hmm what a nice little find. It’s completely not what I thought it was going to be at all but you know what? I enjoyed it for that very reason. I’m sick of knowing exactly what to expect from a book just by looking at the cover or reading the back so this was just simply refreshing.

Basically the book is set sometime in the future, the author is never really clear when exactly, and follows Nailer who is a young man working as a ship breaker. Again the author is not clear on an age for most of his characters as they live a life where age is not important. You do get the impression that he is somewhere around the sixteen mark however.

Nailer works long hard hours for very little rewards and basically lives a pretty tough life. When him and his friend Pima find the remains of a clipper ship they think their luck is in. To scavenge a ship that big and of that quality would set them up for life. A spanner gets thrown in the works when they stumble upon a shipwreck survivor in the form of a young girl.

Huge excitement ensues as Nailer and Nita begin an expedition to try and find her family which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a pretty simple story but the world the author created and the characters he gave us to live in it all came together to give us a really really good read. It was different than the usual lovey dovey young adult book which was fan-bloody-tastic. If I have to read one more stupid love triangle containing sixteen year olds I may cry. It was also refreshing to have our main protagonist as a male, something that I strangely didn’t realise we see so little of until now. Great book.


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