White Horse by Alex Adams

04 Jan

You see the thing is this book was kind of just made for me. I was never going to hate it, mainly because it involved an apocalypse of some sort. However it actually was really well written and the characters were likeable. I’m not biased because of my love of dystopian books, I’m not. I promise.

Ok maybe just a little.

Anyway the main character Zoe is a thirty something woman who is plodding through life fairly quietly. Nothing major to report, she’s a janitor in a pharmaceutical company, formly married but unfortunately widowed due to a car accident. So nothing really unusual. Until an old-fashioned jar turns up in her fortress-like apartment with no other sign of a break in. She is strange in her reaction to it in that she doesn’t immediately open it, instead deciding to go to therapy and get advice on what to do about it.

That’s when things get even stranger as people she knows start to die from unexplained illnesses. Eventually this spreads further than just her circle of friends and people start to die in their thousands. So as the world goes to pot, Zoe falls in love with her therapist. Unfortunately he decides to play his part in the war America is waging and gets shipped off to the other side of the world. They reunite briefly only for Nick to decide that he wants to go in search of his parents who were holidaying in Greece when society collapsed. He disappears during the night to Zoe’s utter horror and so ensues a mad trek across the world in search of him.

The book is written in an interesting way in that it tells the present story of Zoe’s travelling in Europe and then flashes back in time to tell us how she got to that point. It was great because you’re left wondering about a lot of things until midway through the book or even further on. For instance we slowly get hints that she’s pregnant and we don’t know for sure who the father is until even further on.

The sickness was interesting too. It didn’t just kill people. With some people they survived but were left altered in some unimaginable way. Like having a tail or two hearts, that kind of thing. Some were violent, some were not.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s hard to make an original apocalypse-based story these days considering the vast amount of them out there but this one is. It was different to anything I’d read and I loved it.



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