A Feast for Crows by George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #4)

22 Jan

Oh you rascally devil George!! How could you do this to us loyal fans?

So basically lets just lay out the hard truth here, which is your favourite characters are no where to be seen in this instalment. However it’s not the catastrophe that you may imagine. I did not know that this happened in this book so I sat down to read completely unawares that this was going to happen to me. Maybe that saved me a little because for the first five chapters at least I was thinking ‘Hey we haven’t heard from Tyrion yet…’ The next five I began to worry, the five after that is where I lost all hope.

It’s not just Tyrion either. No Daenarys, no Stannis, no Davos, no Jon… But we all know that Tyrion is the beating heart of these books right? Right?? Don’t even dare to disagree.

But look it’s not all bad. Cersei is the main focus of this novel and that’s not a bad thing at all as I have always loved her for the evil witch that she is. We meet her just after the discovery of her father who Tyrion killed at the end of the previous novel. The death of her father coupled with the death of her son Joffrey seem to send Cersei into a downward spiral where she becomes just a tad insane. Her trip on the crazy train is quite fun to watch though.

We also focus on Brienne who is not the most interesting of characters. She had the potential to be amazing but somehow she comes across as almost a bit stupid or slow minded or something. You want her to be this strong, amazing, Xena warrior princess, type of character but she’s just not. She’s an awkward, paranoid, self-doubting, annoying person who just happens to be a woman and just so happens to be handy enough with the aul sword. Her story isn’t as exciting as it could be too. It seems obvious to me that the Eyrie would be a definite hotspot for Sansa sightings considering its safety and the fact that Lysa is one of Sansas only living relatives but this is not the conclusion that Brienne reaches. So ensues an annoying search that we all know will ultimately be fruitless. We leave Brienne in a bit of a tricky situation so it will be interesting to see what happens to her at the very least.

Sansa is once again the most annoying character in the book. She’s weak, she’s petty, she’s a silly little girl and I loathe her. The scary thing is that no matter how much I dislike Sansa, I will always, ALWAYS, dislike that pitiful creature Robert more. Ugh even saying his name makes me shudder. Somebody push him off the mountain and be done with it.

We also heard tidbits from Arya and Samwell but nothing hugely exciting to report. Their stories do set them up for bigger and better storylines in the future however. Along with them we meet a few new characters in the form of Arienne, Areo and Arys. Confused? You should be. They’re off in Dorne which was nice to learn a bit about but to be honest I think I’m pretty much at my limit for new characters. Especially those with names beginning with A…

It was good, but there is no escaping the fact that major characters were missed terribly and I really feel for fans who read this as the books were released. To wait years for a book and then to not get to read about your favourite character would be a killer. Thankfully I’m a latecomer to this series so am able to skip merrily onto Dance with Dragons. Insert evil laugh here!!


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