The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

01 Feb

I didn’t hate it so that’s a start right? Maybe I hated it a little bit but I also liked it a little bit too so it balances out. Kind of.

It physically pains me when this happens. An author I used to adore and cherish becomes an author I dislike. Somehow I still feel almost protective of Ahern as she’s Irish, she’s a woman, she’s young, she’s a mother and a thousand other things that I can empathise with, but there’s only so much I can take. This was poor.

It was possibly worse than poor.

I realised about a third of the way in that I was still waiting for it to begin properly. At about halfway I realised that it had begun and this was it. It trundled along at a snails pace with very little happening along the way.

Basically the story centers around Jasmine, a woman who has had a bit of upheaval in her life in the form of being fired. Her main issue with being fired is not the whole dismissal part however, it is the fact that due to her contract she has been placed on Gardening Leave which basically prevents her from working for anyone, but mainly the competition, for a whole year. It’s paid though.

Paid leave.

For a year.

One whole year. 12 months long.

Did I mention it was paid leave? I mean come on? I dare you to name one person who would not jump at the chance. I, myself, am nearly salivating at the mere thought.

Jasmine doesn’t however have the same reaction. In fact it’s not even close. She hates being off, having too much time to herself, blah, blah, bloody blah. So she takes up neighbour snooping. It’s a pastime of mine so I don’t blame her and her neighbour is pretty exciting so it’s extra entertaining.

Over the course of the year we see Jasmine become friendly with neighbours she barely saluted before, redo her front garden into a beautiful sanctuary and find a boyfriend. That’s pretty much it.

I suppose it’s a book about self discovery and all that crap but it was just ultimately a bit boring. I was eager to finish it so I could get it out of the way and move onto better things. Never a good sign.


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