A Dance with Dragons Part One Dreams and Dust (A Song of Ice and Fire #6)

23 Feb

Yay!!! Finally some news from our favourite characters. Although I didn’t think I missed them as much as other readers seemed to in A Feast for Crows yet when we got to hear from them in this instalment I was so excited it makes me rethink how I felt about Feast. Maybe I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I convinced myself I did at the time. Or maybe Martin is a genius who draws you into a story regardless of who or what that story is about. I think it’s the latter.

In every Song of Ice and Fire book I start into it with preconceived notions of which characters I’m looking forward to and which ones I’m not so much. Every single time I’m wrong. Without fail. I wasn’t looking forward to Jon in this instalment as I thought for some weird reason that his position at the Wall would be a bit boring however he became one of my favourite chapters and I was especially surprised at how interested I became in Melisandres story as we was previously a character I detested. I hope to see more chapter from her in the next book.

Tyrion as usual was one of the most enjoyable chapters that never seems to change for me at least. His story is always exciting and I cannot wait until he eventually meets up with Dany as they are my two favourite characters.

Speaking of Dany why won’t she just feck off out of Meereen and go back to Westeros? Even though I do enjoy learning about cities and cultures outside of Westeros I am dying for her to reclaim the Iron Throne and show Cersei who’s top bitch! I am intrigued by Daario and really wonder if Dany is placing her trust in the right place. Can’t wait to see what poor old Jorah will make of her new love interest when he returns to her side.

I’m torn on whether to plough straight into the final book in the instalment so far or to prolong the series by delaying starting it. Martin has come out recently and said he has no plans to release the next book in the series this year and he’s not too sure about 2016 either….


How will we survive?


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