The Maze Runner by James Dashner

20 Mar

You see the thing is that no matter what I read after the abomination I read previous to this book it would come out shining. However I don’t think that I’m exaggerating when I say that this is a really, really good book. 

Ok so Dashner’s writing leaves a bit to be desired and Thomas character isn’t immediately likeable but that all pales in significance to the utter originality and brilliance of the whole plot line. It sounds similar in theory to Roth’s Divergent series and Collin’s Hunger Games but you know what? In my humble opinion this is so much better. 

So basically Thomas wakes up after being sent to a mysterious place called the Glade which is surrounded by a seemingly unsolvable Maze. With his memory of anything before arriving in the Glade gone walkabouts, Thomas begins the task of settling into Glade life. With the arrival of the first girl the Glade has ever seen soon after Thomas’s arrival things start to get interesting quickly. 

I loved the whole idea of the Maze and a code to allow them to get out and it being an experiment. It just made for such an interesting and exciting read. I can’t wait to invest in the Scorch Trials and see where the next book leads them. I do hope that the characters of Newt and Minho follow Thomas and Teresa into the next book as they were a lot more likeable than the two main characters. 

All in all a damn good book. 


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