Innocence by Dean Koontz 

04 Apr

Usually when I’m finished a book I try to write a review as quick as possible before the feeling that I’m left with upon finishing it changes. This book was different because it confused me so much I felt like I needed to sleep on it so I could write a coherent review in the morning. It’s now the following afternoon and I still feel confused on my feelings for this novel. 

It’s not like it was terrible but it’s not like it was that good either. It was… Meh…

Meh isn’t good enough though is it? 

Okay so basically Addison seems to be a man with hideous deformities who brings out extreme violence in everyone who lays there eyes on him. Violence towards himself that is. Anyone who sees him tries to kill him basically. He finds someone similar to himself who has found a hidden recess in the city to live out a life in. A pretty dismal one though it must be said. 

After this father figure who has taught him how to live a life without drawing attention to himself dies in a brutal police attack Addison meets Gwyneth who seems to be a different type of outcast to him but an outcast all the same and so they strike up an unlikely friendship. 

That’s when it starts to get a bit weird. I liked where it was going at this stage as I thought it might become a good dystopian novel or at the very least a good thriller. It didn’t. It just got weird. Sure there was a plague and sure, there were thrills but there was also a lot of weird shite about possessed marionettes, angel like creatures sent from God and unlikely twists that just didn’t work. 

I still feel meh about this book. It didn’t grip me but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever read either. Like I said, meh… 


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