The Consequences of Love by Sulaiman Addonia

11 Apr

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m slowly going through the A section in my library and there’s a lot of authors from Muslim backgrounds with names beginning with A or my library has a secret Muslim fanatic but this is the fourth book I’ve read in the past six months that has a religious Muslim theme.

So far they’ve been very much hit and miss. It is nice to read about other peoples cultures and traditions especially when they’re so different from your own. However because they’re SO different sometimes they can be a little hard to enjoy or understand. 

This was by far the most enjoyable of all the Muslim books I’ve read. It was nice to see that a love story could still happen in a country where freedom and women’s rights are so repressed and forbidden. It was exciting too as you rooted for the couple to be together and not to be discovered by the religious police. 

It still shocks me that there are places like Saudi Arabia in the world where a woman cannot leave her house without being covered from head to toe. Where women are really treated like possessions that can be bought and sold. Where they have absolutely no rights or allowed opinions. It’s scary. I understand that there are different cultures and religions involved and obviously I respect that but I suppose because it seems so extreme to me its very hard to accept. 

Every time I read a book like this I thank my lucky stars that I was born where I was.  


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