The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

18 Apr

Look it wasn’t terrible, but it just wasn’t up my alley at all. First of all I’m not a huge lover of short stories and I definitely need to be in the mood for them which I probably wasn’t when I read this book. 

Secondly it’s the second book in a row I’ve read from a fairly obscure foreign writer whose story is based in a very different country from the ones I’m used to. This is a great thing most of the time because I’m getting to learn about different cultures and religions and such but two in a row might be a slight overdose. I need something I can relate to now because these last two books were so extreme. 

To be brutally honest with you this was a library book and because it was up for renewal I brought it back before I’d completely finished it. This is usually a pretty much sacrilegious thing to do in my eyes but because this was a bunch of short stories and they were all starting to blend in to one another I made the executive decision to give up with two stories to go. 

At least three of the stories ended the same with the main character making an indignant exit after being shown some intentional or unintentional disrespect. Some of the stories were better than others but I found myself unwilling or unable to truly invest my interest in them because I knew in only a few short pages we’d be moving on to someone else’s story. 

Ultimately it just wasn’t for me. 


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