Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

23 Apr

It’s always terribly hard to follow up on a book that’s so massively popular without disappointing your fans. Flynn tried really, really hard here and she almost did it. She was so close. I just needed a smidgen more from it. 

It was still a brilliant read. It just didn’t have that ‘Oh my god’, sit up straight, look around in shock, yep the world is still the same, wow factor that Gone Girl had. It nearly did though and I think If I wasn’t comparing it to its predecessor I’d probably think it’s the best thing since sliced Tolkien. 

Basically the story centres around Libby who at 7 years old witnessed the massacre of her two sisters and her mother, supposedly at the hands of her brother who she testified against and ultimately condemned to life in prison. Now at 30 years old she’s reexamining that night in her head and coming up with a lot of doubts and questions. So results in a lot of amateur detective work and trips around the back roads of Kansas. 

While we’re watching Libby discover the hard facts about that night we also get chapters from both the mother, Patty and the convicted brother, Ben that focus on the day leading up to the massacre. 

It’s all terribly exciting and I raced through the book like someone had nailed it to my hand. Flynn writes scary characters though. I mean there’s something truly terrifying about her characters. It’s not that they’re killers or that they’re evil but it’s the fact that they’re neither of these things but still they kill and they do evil things. She has an amazing ability to let you see into the mind of a person who does terrible things. The scariest thing is that you empathise with these people, you can almost understand why they did what they did. But you still know that it is SO wrong. 

This is truly gripping so when you pick it up make sure you’ve no important plans for the next day or two! 

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