The Client by John Grisham

04 May

So I’m ashamed to admit my copy of this book was sitting on my shelf for the past eighteen years when I stole it from my sister who was the ripe old age of thirteen at the time. It’s clear we were both prolific readers from an early age. I honestly don’t know if I’ve read it before but if I have I don’t remember it so I said I’d take it out and give it a go. 

It was good, it was definitely good. Was it the instant amazing classic that I kind of expected? I’m not sure. John Grisham just has that name, doesn’t he, of being an amazing author. I’ll admit I’ve never read anything from him before so I probably shouldn’t have been so presumptuous. 

Basically the book centres around Mark, an 11-year-old boy, who unwittingly becomes involved in a huge crime involving the Mafia. He witnesses the lawyer of a Mafia killer commit suicide but before the suicide takes place the lawyer divulges some important info to Mark. The location of the body the FBI so desperately need to nail the Mafia for the murder of a U.S. senator. So ensues drama upon drama for poor Mark and his little family. 

I liked the characters of Mark and Reggie. They were instantly likeable and had just enough emotional baggage to be interesting. I had a slight problem with Marks obvious knowledge of a lot of things I don’t think eleven year olds should really have knowledge of. There was a huge amount of ‘I know because I saw it in a movie once’ phrases in this book. How many violent, Mafia-based movies can a tween have seen? 

It was fast paced and exciting though and I never once got bored. However it wasn’t ground breaking. Maybe it was when it was first written but my main feeling after finishing this book was yes this is a good novel but it’s nothin I haven’t read before.  

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