The Silent Wife by ASA Harrison

11 May

This book is nuts. Like seriously nuts. I’m not sure if psychological thrillers are my thing. At times throughout this book I really thought I loved it and at other times I was thinking what the hell am I reading?! 

It was tense. Very, very tense. The author did a fantastic job of getting the reader into the two main characters mindset. Both characters had major issues, however, which made for pretty tough reading as you could kind of feel yourself slipping into those mindsets along with them. That’s possibly because I suffer from mental illnesses myself though so maybe that’s not an everyday reader problem. Not that I’m about to go and hire a hitman to kill my husband or anything! But I can understand how quick a mind can spiral downwards. 

You do empathise with both characters even though they are pretty horrible, messed up humans. He’s a cheating philanderer and she’s a closet psychopath masquerading as a psychologist. However both have reasons behind their strange life decisions and even if you don’t agree with them it’s hard not to understand them at least a little. 

I liked the book and it was definitely one that I read pretty fast as I found it hard to put down. However it was tough going at times and I definitely would not like to read two books in this genre one after the other as I don’t think it would be good for me, mentally. Not bad though. Not bad at all. 

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