A Dance With Dragons Part 2 by George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #5)

21 May

So I’ve finally caught up with everyone else and guess what? It sucks… Big time. 

Not the book. NEVER the book. It’s the sad reality that I now have no more Song of Ice and Fire books to read. Sob…

The thing that worries me about George Martins slow writing speed is the fact that he’s not getting any younger and like… Have you see him? He’s not exactly a walking health advertisement. All I’m saying is that if he pops his clogs before he finishes this series I’m going to be seriously pissed. I’ve invested a lot in these characters, I need to know what happens them! Just, you know, try to look after yourself a bit better George. Maybe if you exercised more you’d have more energy to WRITE?! 

Anyway on a more related note this book was great. There were a few characters that I wish we would have seen more of though and some we didn’t see at all. Jaime and Brienne were barely touched on. Sansa and Peytr we didn’t see any sign of, and also Samwell was not even mentioned. Even though I felt like I missed out on characters I also felt like there was too much going on. I know this sounds very contradictory of me but the one or two chapters from some people just left you wanting more. And obviously it being a George Martin novel there were more questions asked than there were answered. 

It’s confusing okay. I’d need to read over this series at least twice more before I’d be comfortable knowing exactly who’s who and what’s what and also where’s where. The way I work it now is I just take an educated guess and I find I’m right around eighty percent of the time. I’m happy with that percentage.

So Jons still at the Wall trying to get the Wildlings and the Nights Watch to work together in some semblance of harmony. That doesn’t end well for him. Arya is becoming some kind of weird sorcerer/priest/witch doctor/assassin thing over in Bravos and that’s going well enough for her. To be honest she’s one storyline that I have no clue where it’s going. Cersei’s still a complete bitch but she’s been caught in her lies and so is having to fake atonement which, as you can imagine, is really hard for her. Dany has got married to some dodgy Hisdahr guy but then flys away on her crazy dragon to find herself and so ensues a whole drama back in Meereen. With no Dany around to keep the peace the whole town just goes to shit basically. And finally Tyrion, my sweet lovely Tyrion, was… kind of boring in this book. Honestly I expected more from him and felt his storyline was too rushed and vague. I want him to be the ringleader of the entire circus like he was in Kings Landing, instead he begins the novel as a slave and ends it only slightly better. 

It was still a great, exciting book but the world may be growing too large for even Martin to control. Oh and yes he kills people in this novel. And yes they are people you love. I’m sorry for your loss in advance. 


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