Animal Farm by George Orwell

23 May

Look I’m obviously a very ignorant person because I hadn’t a clue what this book was ‘really’ about until I looked it up afterwards. I guessed because of the fact that its premise and story are so stupid that it had to have some kind of political or controversial hidden meaning to it to make it onto nearly every Best Books list I’ve ever seen. Yep nail on the head for me it’s based on the Russian Revolution.

So being the ignorant person that I am I have very little knowledge of the Russian Revolution and any of the main players in it. If I did know more then I think this book would have made buckets of sense but as of now I put it down thinking ‘What in the hell did I just read?’ I’m going to look at it as just a story with a good moral I think. I’m going to forget about the whole political meanings and that crap and just look at it for what it is. A story.

It’s kind of depressing to be honest.

The pigs are evil, the horses are hardworking and abused, the sheep are brain washed fools, the dogs are the tough guys and so on and so forth. You know you could kind of apply all these animals to groups of people within society during any time period not just the Russian Revolution so that’s what I did and yes it was scarily correct in a lot of ways.

It was also pretty boring and depressing and I’m sure I sound very ignorant and stupid by saying this but, ya I didn’t like it. At all.

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