The Scorch Trials by James Dashner (Maze Runner Series #2)

05 Jun

I loved the Maze Runner. I really loved it. I thought it was an original take on the whole dystopian, messed up future genre and it was a good young adult book which I alway think is a good thing. 
The Scorch Trials just didn’t live up to its predecessor I’m afraid. It wasn’t terrible but it was lacking in the excitement that was at the heart of the first book. I suppose because we had that whole element of shock and fear of the unknown in the Maze Runner that it was always going to be hard to carry that into the next novel. 

It was incredibly frustrating for a huge part of the book and to be honest it ends in an even more frustrating manner. Don’t sit down to read this book expecting any answers about WICKED and the whole Trials experiment anyway because we learn nothing. In fact it’s worse than nothing. We just end up with even more questions. 

I’d like to think that Dashner has this all planned out and it will all come together brilliantly in the third book but I have my doubts. It has that feel of rushed panic about it as if the author himself wasn’t quite sure what the hell was going on at the best of times. Let’s make her betray him but not really but really you know? No. I do not. 

And why? Why for the love of God does every young adult author feel that they have to introduce a love triangle? Why can’t there just be two people who fall in love and maybe have one or two challenges that they must overcome before living happily ever after? I blame Stephanie Meyer entirely for this. It was her stupid Team Edward/Team Jacob thing that started the whole trend. Just another in a long list of reasons to dislike her. 
Anyway look, I’ll be reading the third instalment for sure to see what happens but this definitely wasn’t as good as the first in the series. 


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