Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

11 Jun

Did you know this was wrote in 1932? Seriously! It’s really shocking to me that Huxley was able to get away with writing something so out there and overtly sexual at a time that sex was a taboo subject in most parts of the world. I suppose Britain may have been slightly ahead of times but I do know that this book would have been banned Ireland back then. It actually probably was if I had the time or inclination to research it. 
It’s similar to George Orwells 1984 in that it’s set in the future and the government have complete control over its inhabitants using brainwashing and drugs. However where 1984 had the government making a very strict, hard life for its inhabitants Huxleys government has created inhabitants that are brainwashed to be constantly happy. It’s a stupid, naive happy however. They have no independent thoughts and do whatever they are told to do like mindless robots. 

The main characters weren’t exactly likeable but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If this book was wrote now it would have focused solely on the love triangle between Lenina, Bernard and John but thankfully it was written around eighty years ago so it instead focused on the world and its inhabitants as a whole with the love story (if you can even call it that) a very minor subplot. 
I wanted Lenina to maybe evolve a bit throughout the book and become a little more independent and less brain washed but unfortunately that wasn’t to be and she remained stubbornly stupid throughout. Bernard was instantly unlikeable and also remained that way throughout with tiny hints of a better side peeking out now and then. I suppose John was probably the most interesting but there definitely could have been more done with his character. 

I liked this book and the whole premise that it had. It was shocking to read even now as a possible future. However I do feel like it could maybe have started where in the last few chapters and gone from there instead. It was only just getting really interesting when it was over. 

Not bad though. Not bad at all.

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