Zombie Patrol by JR Rain

14 Jun

You’re going to have to be a fan of the zombie genre to like this. I’m not saying it’s bad, on the contrary it’s one of the better zombie novels I’ve read, but it ain’t something that will cross boundaries and encourage new readers over to this genre. Try Mira Grant for that, trust me. 
I enjoyed it though. It was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a quick, not-overly-intelligent, nicely gory, zombie novel to cheer me up after some tough reads and this was exactly that. It even had a better storyline than I anticipated to be honest which was refreshing. 

So the book centres around Jack. Jack is a park ranger in a zoo and also lives on the zoos grounds with his teenage daughter who he home schools. Jacks brother arrives to his door after going awol from the military and seems to be suffering from a mysterious illness after touching some meteor-like item that fell from the sky. He’s brought a friend just to make things more interesting. Mike is also pretty ill. 

Joe and Mike end up handcuffed to pillars in Jacks basement after apparently losing touch with reality and attacking Jack. 

Up to this point I thought the book was a fairly standard zombie yarn but the author did put a good spin on it by having this interlude in the illness. Joe and Mike apparently get better all of a sudden. Other than their red eyes you wouldn’t even know they had been sick. Of course it’s never going to wrap up nice and easy like that is it? Nope they’re better alright but they’re also very hungry. And not for a couple of weetabix. 

I liked this book it had a good twist in the stereotypical zombie genre and I liked that the author is trying to give a genuine reason for the disease and its origins. Better than I expected but not going to win any awards.  


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