Zombie Rage by JR Rain

17 Jun

You have to just take this for what it is and that is a fairly average zombie story. I enjoyed the first in this series more probably because having read a few tough books before it I was just so glad to have something nice and easy to read that I overlooked it’s obvious flaws. 
The flaws stood out a tad more in this book to me. It’s too short first of all. I mean realistically the three books in the trilogy could have been compressed into one large book without a problem. It’s all a little gung-ho, American for my taste but I can get over that if the writing is good. It ain’t. 

We follow Jack again as he fights the infection and eventually is cured by his brother and girlfriend by being drowned. I did like that little scenario of having a window during the infection where you could actually be cured. It put a good spin on the zombie yarn. 

However I feel like each book now has the exact same situation arising in it. The first book saw Jacks brother Joe being infected, and then Jack was infected in the second and now it looks like Anna will be the patient in the third. I hope she actually turns completely just so it’s a different storyline. 

These books ain’t bad but they sure as hell aren’t anything fantastic either.  


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One response to “Zombie Rage by JR Rain

  1. Jeyna Grace

    June 19, 2015 at 10:12 am

    Zombie books… I’m always on the fence about them.


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