The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

06 Jul

I just read a review for this and the reviewer had described it as ‘a perfect antidote to the pastel lyricism of mainstream novels’. Huh? You see this is why I don’t appreciate this book the way it probably deserves to be appreciated. I approach every book in the same manner regardless of genre, author or accolades it’s won. I just want to be entertained. It doesn’t matter whether that entertainment comes from being thrilled or amused or frightened or whatever. I’m just here for the entertainment value. 
Anyhow this book was kind of entertaining. It centres around Balram who comes from an extremely poor area of India and manages to work his way up to be a driver for a very rich Indian in Delhi. However Balram is not happy with this and plots his way to an even better life. This plot involves the murder of his employer. 
At times you feel sorry for Balram and can understand his plight however his employer is not the worst of people and so at times you feel yourself almost feeling a bit of empathy with him also. 

It’s a good read and it gives a pretty good insight into how life is in Delhi and India which was interesting. I don’t know if I found it the earth shattering, mind blowing book that everyone else seems to have but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever read for sure!  

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