Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

13 Jul

Look we’ve all had issues with teenage girls at least once in our lives haven’t we? Whether it’s insults at their hands or just the mere fact of being one, there was an issue. There’s no point in lying about it, teenage girls can be the meanest of people. I think it may be because they feel so much. There’s so much going on in their little heads that they need an outlet and being catty or mean is the way a lot of them let out their excess energy.

However our teenage girl in question, Amma, takes it to a whole new level. She is scarily mean. I mean absolutely terrifying. She is thirteen and pretty much runs her school if not her town.

The book focuses on Camille, Ammas older sister but it is Amma that draws you in from the beginning. Camille has returned from Chicago to report on an apparent possible serial killer that has claimed the lives of two young girls from her old hometown of Wind Gap.

As we delve deeper into the case we learn about Camilles many issues and we also realise how completely messed up her family is. Her mother is another scary character, its no wonder Amma and Camille turned out the way they did.

I also refuse to believe that a thirteen year old girl could be that freely promiscuous without repercussions. And all the drugs, like really? I’m actually glad I have a son now and not a daughter. After reading this book I wouldn’t let her outside the door for a week!

This book is pretty disturbing. I still enjoyed it but I must say I definitely enjoyed Flynns other two novels more. They were also disturbing but just not to the same extreme. I put this book down thinking ‘what the hell?’ instead of ‘woah what a book’ so that pretty much tells me all I need to know


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