Babies, Books and a Bit of sun….

So with summer fast approaching, and with that my maternity leave finishing, I begin to worry about my reading pace. Once again I feel like other things in my life will begin to preoccupy my time and I just don’t want that to happen so I’ve decided to set myself a goal. I already have my goal of thirty-five books to be read by the end of this year up and running and I’m not doing too badly, if I may say so myself! Considering I now have an extremely active six month old nearly always bouncing on my knee I’m very proud that my reading pace hasn’t slowed down hugely.

Obviously my son is now my number one priority but I feel that it is very important for all new mammys out there to make time for themselves too. Remember if you’re not happy your baby can sense that and can make for a fussier, stressed out baby and Mum! I try to find a little time every day for myself, whether it’s updating this very blog, browsing on, reading a chapter of a book or even just a little good old-fashioned Facebook stalking, they all make me relax and remind me that I’m still a person of my own and not just a Mammy now!!

These last few days have been uncharacteristically fine for here in the west of Ireland and it’s made me long for a good summer this year. It’s been years since Ireland has got a summer that has lasted longer than what feels like a week or two. There’s currently a joke going around that goes a little like – I can’t wait for our summer this year, I hear it’s falling on a Thursday. Please God let that not be the case. It would be lovely to be able to bring my son to the beach or to a park and let him explore the outdoors without risking hypothermia! And it would also mean some outside reading time! Who doesn’t love to sit in your back garden with shorts and a t-shirt on, smothered in suncream (we love the sun, but it sure doesn’t love us) and read a few chapters of a good book? Who doesn’t love to eat a tayto (crisp) and cheese sandwich down the beach that ends up being covered in sand but eaten anyway? To quote Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in Grease ‘ Oh those summer niiiiiiights’.

Anyway back to my new goal, sorry about that I’m easily distracted at the moment. Must be the dreaded baby brain. I’ve decided to pick my three favourite lists on listopia in Goodreads and to go through them steadily and read the top ten books in all three lists. My first list is…..surprise, surprise Zombies! which is basically the best Zombie novels out there at the moment. It goes like this:


The second is obviously going to be some dystopia fiction which I realise is a very close genre to Zombies but I don’t care it’s my challenge so I get to do what I like!

Best Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

There are a few books in the next list that have been recommended to me numerous times and even though I’m currently making my way through way too many series already I’ll just have to add another few to the list. Oh well!

The Best Epic Fantasy

So that’s it. Let’s see how I do! As I progress through the lists I’ll add links into this post!


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