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Bump, Books and Beyond….

So with my first baby due in a little over five weeks I’m starting to wonder whether my six months maternity leave will mean extra reading time or will my new arrival mean less and less reading time, possibly for the next eighteen years? Maybe it just means more reading of children’s books and a little less of my own. I could handle that I think. People are scaring me saying read as much as you can now cos you sure as hell won’t have time when the baby arrives but surely they’re just exaggerating right? I’m expecting my reading to pace to slow, yes, but disappear? I don’t think so.

However if this page becomes suddenly silent for a few weeks then you will all know what happened and you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

At the moment I’m just waiting patiently to finish up work so I can finally catch up on some sleep and reading time that little bump and all the appointments and shenanigans that come with it have cut into  during the last few weeks. Baby is due early October and we can’t wait to meet our lil dude/dudette. So what I have been managing to do over the past few days is begin the first Harry Potter book. I’m reading it out loud to my bump.

Is this crazy? Has anyone else done this? And yes, I have been putting on the appropriate accents for the multitude of characters we all know exist in the HP books. In my opinion its never too early to become a Harry fan and you might as well learn about the wizarding world in the right manner. And it gives me an excuse to read the Harry Potter books again…

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