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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy #6)

Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s always sad when a series comes to an end and this one was no exception. I definitely feel that this series had its ups and downs but I’ll still miss visiting Rose and her gang of friends.

Throughout this series I had many issues with Rose, the main character. She was sometimes too cocky, a bit arrogant, self-involved, I could go on but sometimes it was these very flaws that made me like her. Ok she wasn’t perfect but who is? It was refreshing to have a character with unlikable personality traits that most people suffer from at times. At the end of her story I feel like we watched her grow and evolve from an immature sometimes silly teenage girl into a strong independent smart woman. It was nice and I ended up feeling a little proud somehow!

I do think that the whole love triangle storyline between Rose, Dimitri and Adrian was played out well in the end and I was glad with the way it ended. It wasn’t a surprise however, but still it was the way I wanted it to go so I wasn’t disappointed. I also love the whole Lissa becoming Queen storyline. This I didn’t expect and I enjoyed the challenges that Lissa had to complete. They were interesting and exciting.

Something that really irritated me about this final book is the amount of loose ends she left. We didn’t see how Mikhail and Sonya ended up coping with spirit, we don’t know how Adrian will cope without his beloved Rose, we don’t know what happened to Eddie or Sydney. What happens to Abe does he go back to Russia or stay with Rose at court? I just don’t like loose ends at the end of a book nevermind one that’s supposed to be the last in a series. I do know that the author has written spin-off series to this world but I don’t care. This series should have cleared up all questions and loose ends regardless of follow-on series. She should have had enough faith in her abilities to believe that people would still read another series by her without hiding answers from this series in the new one. Urghh annoying….

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